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Today Football Predictions
Soccer Tips Ltd is fast-growing company with many active customers. We offer and sale paid advisory service - football predictions. This paid service is a simple advice for football game with good success rate.

Every customer can purchase as many tips as need, depends on his strategy and management.

Quality of our service is reason for new registrations every day.

As you know not every prediction could be win, so for customer satisfaction we give free soccer tip as replacement on every lose/draw. If replacement tip is also not winning , we give another free tip until client win. For questions about our service and usage you must read FAQ.

We do not offer any bookmaking or hazzard service but pure paid football advices/consultations.
Let professional tipsters make predictions instead of you. Check record of every soccer tipster to be more confident in your choice.

Sales of football predictions are on Today Tips page where you can choose which football tipster to follow. If you cannot understand how to buy or how to register then read our step-by-step guide with images, examples and explanations - How to buy.
Many different tactics are used from clients and many different styles of win are possible.
Good luck!

How to beat the bookies with soccer predictions ?

As we all know that the bookies are known for their soccer tips. Through the soccer prediction, they try to avoid paying to the betting enthusiast. However it is possible to detect a hole in their predictions in order to ensure win. Two strategies can be used to beat the bookies in the game of soccer predictions. The betting enthusiast can do complete analysis of the matches even with the non measurable information. But the professional tipster can do quite better. Improving the statistical models can be another way to win the soccer bets.
According to the rules of the first method, you need to analyze data along with the priority of the match and type of the match. These data are used to make statistical models by the bookies descibed at our blog. Following things can be analyzed in order to decide the outcome of the match.

Type of the match:
It can be an important factor for making football predictions for a match. Outcome of the match can be decided on the basis of international matches, league matches, a cup title or a friendly match. Favorites are selected by the media and sports analyst. It is better to give importance on these factors as well. It is possible to win soccer bets by placing the bet on the underdogs.

Priority of the match:
Priority is defined by the each team for securing a position in the league table which do very precisely. The number of the team is limited in a league tournament. Therefore top teams put low priority on the games.

Match Time:
Soccer tips depend on the timing of the match. It is found that the soccer predictions are ineffective at the starting and ending of the season. Therefore the players have to make profit in the mid season when the league is in full swing.

The betting enthusiast should always keep a constant vigil on the teams and the key players. Illness or injury of a key player can affect a team in a prominent way. Therefore soccer predictions should be made according to the state of the team. Betting odds are decided before this information. Therefore the betting enthusiast can make appropriate use of this information.

European Leagues:
It is one of the predicted leagues in the world with limited number of team. It is possible to predict the results of the Italian, French, Norwegian and Spanish leagues. Therefore the betting enthusiasts should bet on these tournaments. However there are few unpredictable leagues in Europe as well. They are German and English League.
Match attendance, pitch condition, team managers and weather conditions are few other factors associated with the soccer predictions.
It can be a time consuming and complicated affair to analyze each factors of every match. In that case you can go for statistical models used by the bookmakers.
Further improvisation can be made on these models in order to make it more effective. These models are based on theory of averages. However the authenticity of these models can change with the improvement of the skills. Dynamics of the teams should be taken in to the account while making soccer predictions. Bookies do not take the defensive and attacking power of the team. Therefore you can take it in to your predictions in order to beat bookies in their own game.