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There are a lot of different bets on Internet. Here you can find the most popular and more important to understand them.

Many people forget that the match is not only 1, X or 2. There are hundreds of options, that our partners offer. You can find so many matches to make from your prediction real money.

When more important matches are played, the bookies offer a lot more bets. You may find some really exotic bets, like how many gaols will be scored between the 10th and the 20th minute, how many corners will judge the referee, to which team will be shown the first red card. You can bet on how many penalty kicks will have a certain match, who will score the goals between two top players and many other possibilities.

Here are the most common and important bets that you need to know:

3Way (winner) - This is the traditional choice 1x2

Double Chance - You can choose whether the match will end 1X, X2, or 12. The chance of loosing is smaller.

Correct Score - You have to predict the accurate result of the match. The odds almost every time is 6 and sometimes can reach even 101.

Under/Over - The meaning of Under/Over is whether in the match will be scored more than 2.5 goals. Therefore you will see Under/Over 2.5 more often. However there are other options as Under/Over 0.5, Under/Over 1.5, Under/Over 3.5 etc.
Except for goals in a match, Under/Over can be played for corners, fouls, outs etc.

Handicap - Also known as European Handicap. With this bet is given an advantage in advance to the outsider, from 1 or more goals. This goal will be added to the result and the end sum will determine who is the winner.

Asian Handicap - The bookie gives a goal deficit to the team they expect to win and also give an advantage to the team that they think is less likely to win. Handicap is expressed in the number of goals, or parts of goals. To win the bet, instead of trying to support a specific team to win, the client bets on it to overcome the handicap.

Halftime or Fulltime - This a very good bet. When you bet on equal teams and you think that one of them will lead, but also may be draw in the end, you can use this bet.

Result at Halftime - If you dream how you're beting on the result from the first halftime, this is the way.

Draw No Bet - You bet only on 1 or 2. If the match is draw, you will get your money back.

First Goalscorer - Who will score the first goal in the match.

You have an incredible opportunities in Internet. Live Soccer Predictions is really the biggest advantage of the online Soccer Predictions.

Now with this knowledge and with the help of some paid Soccer Tips, Free Soccer Tips or even with your own predictions you can start betting and earning some good money.