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Why choose Asian handicap betting?

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Why use ‘Asian handicap’? The widely-known betting in football suggests selecting one of three options – a victory for one or the other team or a tie. Mathematically, selecting just one of the options means that the bettor has 1/3 chance to win.

Asian handicap is a type of betting, which removes the mathematical advantage of the bookmaker. Its most important feature is that it does not include the variant for a tie, which means a 50% chance of winning! You should make difference between the average handicap (a.k.a. European) and the Asian handicap. In the first case the equality exists as a probability.
Besides the already mentioned fact (the mathematical equality of the opportunity to win and lose) when it comes to Asian handicap, there are several other important advantages that could be used wisely by the good punters. First of all, the bookies set reasonable boundaries of handicap which are usually between the possible and the impossible outcomes from a sport event. That means good odds of around 1.90 for each event.

Considerably more curious, however, is another detail. If you feel confident in your soccer forecast, then it is more appropriate to find an odd for it in the Asian handicap of 0.5. That
option includes (-0.5) or (+ 0.5), depending on which team gets an advantage. If you bet on a team with (+ 0.5), then you will win in case that team doesn’t lose the game. If the team you have chosen ‘lags’ with (-0.5) then you win only if it wins. Well, in fact there are various types of Asian handicap. So, keep in mind that various bookies have various offers in store.

Explore them well and then play with real money. Our advice is to use the betting option we have previously described, because it is one of the most winning ones. Just like the ordinary handicap when it comes to the soccer asian handicap tips, one of the two teams gets an advantage. That advantage, however, is expressed not only in the goals scored, and in ‘parts’ of them that define the size of the profit in a different way. All of that, and the mere appearance of the Asian handicap, may seem quite complicated to you right now. But be sure that the rules are pretty simple actually. Once you decide to use that handicap, you will understand the rules almost immediately. And then inevitably that kind of bet will turn into your favorite!

Doing football picks is not an easy task. You need a lot of time for research because you have to be familiar with both teams and so many other factors as well. If you feel like a beginner in the field of sports betting, soccer experts recommends to better use the Asian handicap, instead of the 1x2 betting strategy.