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Federer this time will deal with Tsonga 

Federer this time will deal with Tsonga


Roger Federer this time will deal with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. That night, around 4:00 they will face one of the most interesting of the quarterfinals against US Open, of course, if it does not rain.

So far, Federer and Tsonga have a total of 7 clash by FedEkspres leads 4-3 win. Their last two meetings, however, did not developed well to the medium of 16 Grand Slam titles. In summer they stood on the same stage - Quarterfinals - at Wimbledon. Then after a 2-0 sets lead Federer admitted a sensational twist to 2:3 and left the tournament.

Several weeks ago, Federer and Tsonga are met and the tournament "Masters" series in Montreal and Tsonga have again, this time with 2:1 sets.

Despite the strong series of Frenchman encourage you to vote trusted Federer. When it comes to Grand Slam and more US Open, where Federer has 5 consecutive titles, Roger remains among the favorites for the title.

Moreover, unlike Federer, who from the beginning of the tournament is held in no more than two and a half hours on court, Tsonga played some quite serious fights, which advanced as this can have its influence.

Coefficients for the final victory of Roger Federer in different sportsbooks vary between 1.4 and 1.5.

Latest sport news