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The 9 most popular sports except for football

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Undoubtedly, the most popular sport nowadays is football. But there are also thousands of different sports that have their audience. The greatest popularity of football is easy to be explained – it is dynamic and interesting. What is more, the thrill becomes even bigger if you have reliable football picks and bet in accordance with them.

We have made a list of the most popular sports except for ‘the king of all sports’ – soccer:

1. Baseball – that is the most popular sport in the United States, but it is not so widespread in the world. The first professional League – the National Association of baseball players has existed since 1871 to 1875 and today that sport is highly respected across the ocean;

2. Boxing – initially, boxing had not included any rules and had been played with bare hands, but over time more rules and protections were introduced. Boxing remains a cruel sport that is prohibited in some countries. However, it still attracts plenty of admirers;

3. Rugby – originating from England, rugby is also a particularly violent sport, but it is one of the most common games, liked by many fans.

4. Volleyball – it had been invented in 1895 but the first Volleyball World Championships took place in 1949 and from 1964 onwards volleyball has been presented as an Olympic sport;

5. Hockey – the original hockey had been invented thousands of years ago, but the beginning of the modern hockey was in Canada. The first indoor hockey game was played in Montreal in 1875. Then the game became extremely popular and is now an international sensation;

6. Tennis – just like rugby and football, tennis originates from England as well. Now, tennis is becoming more and more famous and is a worldwide multimillion-dollar sport. If you have decided to bet on tennis games, then we advise you to first make (or buy) trustworthy tennis picks, and secondly – use an amount of money you can afford to lose!

7. Golf – Scotland has the greatest claim to the invention of golf. From the beginning it has become an international phenomenon and attracts fans from all over the world. Golf is considered ‘the sport of rich people’;

8. Cricket – cricket is mostly watched in countries such as India, Cambodia, Pakistan and others. It is also the third most-watched sports with approximately 2.5 billion viewers;

9. Basketball – it is an important sport in the world – almost 200 countries compete in basketball. That sport has hundreds of millions of fans, and the easy rules makes it easy to be practiced.

Making quality sport picks is not for everyone – watching sports may be your passion but to be able to guess the results of the matches requires a solid expertise and analyzing skills. That is why you’d better turn to the experts for an advice.

Good luck!