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Abelardo has not even dreamed of such a debut at the helm of Alayes 

Abelardo has not even dreamed of such a debut at the helm of Alayes


Alaves Fernandez`s new senior coach made a dreamy debut in his new team. Barcelona`s former defenseman led the Basque team to a remarkable turn from 0:2 to 3:2 at Girona`s visit. Alayes received two goals for three minutes at the start of the second half but did not surrender and with a hat-trick to Iba Gomez came to a heroic victory that pushed him from the bottom of the La Liga.

It`s hardly anyone in Montvili to expect a goal-show in the second half after the rest was 0:0 and the only cleanest misses Kristian Stuawn`s head. Uruguay made his way back in the 59th minute and very skillfully opened the score in favor of Girona. The experienced striker flipped an opposing footballer before technically directing the ball under Fernando Pacheco`s plane. Not long after, Huange found a corner kick and headed up to 2-0. Everything looked great for the Catalonian team, but there was a relaxation from which the guests took advantage. In the 71st minute Ibai Gomez slipped into the penalty area and returned one shot. Again he made a penalty in the 87th minute for a violation of goalkeeper Yasin Bunu, and in the time added, the former Athletic Bilbao player received a pass from Muni El Hadadi and hit the winning goal for Alayes.

The team from Vitoria gathered 9 points and shifted from the final position Malaga. Girona ranks 12th with an asset of 17 points, but missed a tie with the seventh Leganes.





Latest sport news